Friedrich Wilhelm Raiffeisen Center of Competence

Our business governance setting facilitates quick information exchange, pragmatic decision making and efficient realization of projects. 

Friedrich Wilhelm Raiffeisen Center of Competence was established in January 2014. Under the Retail business umbrella of Raiffeisen Bank International situated in Vienna, Austria, the Center's members provide coordination and administration for the seven private banking units in the Raiffeisen network.

Even though every location of Friedrich Wilhelm Raiffeisen Private Banking has a different starting point in time, the high-quality, professional and diligent service is guaranteed by the governance and supervision of the Center of Competence. The Center also ensures common standards and practices across all the locations. Additionally, we facilitate constant sharing of knowledge and expertise in our private banking network. Numerous awards and satisfied customers confirm our approach.

Fabian Stenzel
Head of Premium and Private Banking




"Every country has a different interest rate environment, a different currency, different legal and tax framework and many other distinctions. All these factors must be taken into account without forgetting the basic needs of our clients: security, stability, trust and know-how. Our ultimate goal is to ensure the same high-quality service and advice for our clients in every country in which Raiffeisen Bank International offers private banking services. We make sure that our customers benefit from the advantages of a large international banking group."


Friedrich Wilhelm Raiffeisen - Friedrich Wilhelm Raiffeisen Center of Competence