What we offer

Aside from providing prudent investment-related advice, we address our clients’ entire financial situation. Our services include protecting and enriching assets, providing specialized credit solutions, planning retirement and preserving wealth for future generations.

Below is a brief list of some of the products and services that we can offer:

Wealth Management & Managed Solutions

Clients allocate a set amount of money they want invested with specific returns and specific risks. A team of specialists selects the investment instruments that will match those requirements best. Thanks to our extensive know-how in Central and Eastern Europe and Russia, we are able to diversify portfolios not only by instrument but also by region, sector and currency. By subscribing to our managed solutions offering, our customers can concentrate on their private and business life, while we will manage their portfolio strictly according to their requirements.  Additionally, as a private bank, we can provide access to highly limited Alternative Investment opportunities.

Advisory Portfolios

Our clients approach us with a wide selection of investment policies from slightly conservative to extremely risky, diversified by sector, region, risk and currency. We are able to accommodate all requests, though the Private Banker will first deliver an extensive brief on possible outcomes and pros and cons of different strategies. Portfolios can be crafted with investment vehicles that range from stocks and bonds to shares of investment funds.

Knowing our customer’s financial and personal situation, tolerance to risk and short and long term goals we can always propose a tailor-made portfolio to suit his or her personal and financial situation. Our customer can then decide on the investment opportunities based on our proposal. Hence, our customer is always in control of the portfolio and the final investment decision always comes from our customer.

Elite Banking

Whether it’s a simple cheque book, a wire transfer or a deposit product, we adhere to the highest standards. We provide comprehensive banking services from cash management to custody and safekeeping services. We also offer execution-only services, where customers can realize their investment ideas without a necessity of an advice. 

Our relationship managers can also bring in experts such as attorneys or tax consultants, to make sure all aspects of a customer’s financial and private life have been considered.








Tailored Credit Solutions

Our clients have an ample spectrum of credit services at their disposal, such as tailored credit lines, security-backed lombard loans or multicurrency credit facilities. The clients’ Private Bankers will help find a specialized credit solution that fits the situation - for instance, credit collateralized by assets under management in the case of a client with a sizable investment portfolio.

Credit Cards

Clients of Friedrich Wilhelm Raiffeisen can opt for the top-of-the-line credit cards, which not only stand out for their high credit limits, but also because of the exclusive services they offer while traveling abroad.

Banking in the other FWR locations and in the RBI Group

Our high-net-worth clients come from all over the globe, seeking to diversify their wealth geographically and politically. Since we have a presence in seven countries in CEE including Russia, we are able to fully accommodate our customers' needs in any of those locations or to offer a joint cross-border financial solution. Additionally, our customers can enjoy all-encompassing private banking services in Kathrein Privatbank, the Raiffeisen Bank International's private banking subsidiary in Austria. Troughout our network, we are able to provide our clients a staff that speaks their language.

Friedrich Wilhelm Raiffeisen - What we offer